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Best Bench Brush-Quality in design and craftsmanship

Best Horse Hair Brush -Quality in design and craftsmanship.

Best horse hair brush-quality in design and craftsmanship. This bench brush possesses  Its versatility allows it to be used for a variety of applications. Before deciding on this particular brush, Old City Unltd. carefully considered various combinations of horsehair. The hard work we put into it is evident in the exceptional results it provides.

Being a resident of Philadelphia, I have the privilege of being friends with a renowned architect who graciously agreed to assist us in fine-tuning it. With his invaluable guidance, we achieved perfection through multiple iterations. The contemporary shop brush we have created is incredibly attractive, making it a joy to see it hanging on a hook. Adding this bench brush to your cleaning routine will enhance the satisfaction of maintaining a pristine home

What is the difference between a foxtail brush and a horsehair brush.

The bristles of a foxtail brush typically originate from the tail of a fox. People commonly use foxtail brushes for cleaning delicate items. The gentle and soft bristles of a foxtail brush ensure that delicate surfaces remain unscathed. Interestingly, I often receive inquiries from strangers asking if our brush is a foxtail brush. My response is always negative, but I assure them that our brush is the closest substitute available for a foxtail brush.

In contrast, a horsehair brush consists of bristles derived from the tail of a horse. Horsehair brushes are frequently employed for cleaning larger surfaces like furniture or floors. The bristles of a horsehair brush are firmer compared to those of a foxtail brush. Our meticulously handcrafted horsehair brush proves more efficient in removing dirt and debris from surfaces, while still maintaining a gentle touch that prevents any potential scratching.

Do horses experience pain when removing the hair on their tail for brushes.

 The supplier assures our team that they employ the most humane methods during this process. The horse groomer possesses expertise in using clippers to ensure that the hair is never excessively cut. Moreover, the groomers undergo extensive training to avoid pulling out the hair, as this could cause discomfort to the horse due to the hair being too short. When performed correctly, horse trimming is painless and does not cause any distress to the horse. Typically, this procedure is carried out during the warmer spring season when horses do not require their tails for warmth. As someone who deeply cares for horses, I would never sell a product that I believed could harm them.

Why is bristle quality so important in a brush?

Best Horse Hair Brush-Quality in design and craftsmanship

Bristle quality holds significance for a brush due to several reasons. Firstly, the bristles’ quality determines how effectively the brush can sweep up. Bristles that are too soft might not effectively move dirt or debris, while bristles that are too stiff might damage delicate surfaces. That is why we made the decision to use 10% fortified fibers for strength. You will immediately notice how the high-quality horse hair bristles feel better in your hand and provide a more satisfying experience when using the brush.

On the other hand, lower-quality synthetic bristles wear down more quickly, resulting in a shorter lifespan for the brush. Additionally, synthetic brushes generate more static during the cleaning process.

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Best Horse Hair Brush-quality in design and craftsmanship

What Makes Our Horse Hair Brush Stand Out From The Others?

Wooden cleaning brushes often receive inadequate recognition, but our hand brush defies that notion. We have meticulously designed it, paying close attention to every detail. This bench brush pays homage to the Shakers, who crafted such brushes in the 1800s. With a 13-inch long handle and a thick leather tie, our counter brush is perfect for both delicate and heavy sweeping tasks. Our dustpan brush allows you to reach those challenging corners with ease. Moreover, its thick bristles guarantee a scratch-free finish while remaining resilient enough to tackle any demanding job!

The added advantage of using sustainable materials ensures that the brush feels excellent in your hand. Even when you accidentally knock over a potted plant and need to swiftly clean up, you won’t mind it at all.

How to clean a horsehair brush?

Knowing that a tree was cut down for this brush and a horse’s tail was trimmed should make you value this brush for the rest of your life. This being the case keeping it clean is very important for longevity. Please do not use harsh chemicals or hot water when cleaning your bench brush because it could damage the bristles. Do not get your horsehair bristles near high heat or the hair will singe like your hair would if it burns. Additionally, horsehair brushes should never be soaked in water or left to sit in a damp environment, as this can cause the bristles to become moldy.

Keeping this horse hair brush clean could not be easier.

KEEPING IT CLEAN COULD NOT BE EASIER: Remember to hang your brush so the bristles do not lose shape. You will need to use a metal dog comb now and then to brush out the debris from the bristles. If needed, wash the bristles with soap and water. Shake the brush hard outside to remove all the water. Lay it flat on a towel to dry.

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What is a horsehair brush use for?

The natural horsehair bristles create the least amount of static and make for scratchless dusting on all surfaces. Our dustpan brush with fine bristles traps sawdust without fail. Our bench brush is perfect for any woodworking task. You’ll be glad you chose this tool when it comes to clean-up time.
This versatile brush is perfect for cleaning furniture, counters, drafting desks, patios, and other surfaces. Additionally, its compatibility with a metal dustpan makes it incredibly useful for picking up coffee grinds and other messes. Not to mention that it is also perfect for removing cat litter or cleaning out fireplaces.  Furthermore, it is the perfect gift for a woodworker or gardener.

This Horse Hair Brush Will Perform and It Will Last

Best Horse Hair Brush- Quality in design and craftsmanship

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