6 reasons cork is the best material for placemats

6 Reasons Cork Is The Best Material For Placemats

Top 6 reasons cork is the best material for placemats

 6 reasons cork is the best material for placemats. Cork has unique properties even though it isn’t as mainstream as other textile placemats. Certainly, cork placemats are worth the investment because of their artsy ability to endure and adapt to both formal and casual occasions with ease. 

  1. First, these are the best cork placemats because they are heat and water resistant and will stand up to tough messes and spills. To keep your cork clean a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all you need. Reviewers love that these heat resistant placemats are sturdy and durable. 
  2. Secondly, cork has strength and durability with organic style. Cork is highly durable and will not stain even when you spill mustard or wine as long as you clean up the mess quickly.
  3. Thirdly, you will love putting your hot serving dishes on these cork placemats because they withstand extreme heat. 
  4. Fourthly, these are the best cork  placemats because cork is one of the most sustainable materials available today. Rugged cork does not absorb dust and is hypoallergenic. 
  5. Fiftly, cork table mats can be used indoors and outdoors which makes them very versatile.
  6. Lastly, cork placemats are non-slip so you never have to worry about anything sliding off the table. They will brighten up and protect any table they adorn.

Cork is incredibly sustainable. Cork is natural, sustainable, renewable and good for the environment as we can imagine a material to be.

The cork oak forests aren’t just fantastic carbon sinks, they’re also hotspots of biodiversity, forming crucial habitats for various threatened animal and plant species. Cork oaks are also essential in maintaining the health of the forest ecosystems.

Why is cork special? Zero Waste

Another reason  these are the best cork placemats is cork is one of the most renewable, environmentally friendly materials on the planet. The bark from the cork tree sheds naturally and grows back quickly. Most importantly, cork is a completely natural raw material with unique properties which gives your table texture. Cork is completely biodegradable, and its manufacturing process generates almost zero waste!!

Are cork placemat heat resistant?

Cork is naturally heat and moisture resistant.   

Most importantly, when you place a hot pan on cork placemats the cork material will absorb the heat without passing it through to the underlying surface. Rest assure your table will be protected from any  heat marks. It is not surprising that the number one material for trivets and coasters is cork.

Are cork placemats waterproof?

Cork placemats are water resistant. Cork absorbs water slowly so you have time to wipe up the toughest stains. Even mustard and wine clean clean right up.

Since cork contains suberin it possesses antimicrobial properties. Suberin is a waxy substance that makes cork resistant to mold and mildew another health benefit.

Are cork placemats long lasting?

Thankfully, cork is up to the job as long as you never bend them and store them flat. This natural material will last for years if you follow these simple rules.  Once again, do not immerse the cork in water and wipe with a damp cloth (not wet). Add some gentle soap to the sponge if they seem real dirty. Cork will last the longest if you keep them dry as much as possible.

Why are cork placemats expensive?

Cork’s unique texture and eco-friendliness comes at a cost. While it isn’t the most expensive option, it is more expensive than vinyl and other materials for sure. 

Cork trees grow mainly in Portugal and Spain so importing from one of those countries causes unique challenges.  Importing cork from these countries is more expensive than importing products from China.

If solid cork placemats are too expensive you can find printed pictures of cork on the top with cork on the backing. They are more perfectly made but do not compare to the real thing

4 Fascinating Cork facts: More reasons why cork is expensive.

These 6 reasons cork is the best material for placemats is crystal clear.

  1. Cork trees are harvested every 9 years and aren’t cut down or damaged during the process. It is remarkable that the trees live for roughly 270 years!!! This is why cork is the most eco-friendly and sustainable material for placemats.
  2. To cut down a cork tree you actually need a permit from the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. It’s illegal to cut a cork tree down without one.
  3. No machines are involved in the production process. Cork strippers (tiradors) work together in pairs using handheld axes, one person on the ground and one in the tree. They make cuts at the top and bottom of the trunk and peel the cork off.
  4. The tiradors are the highest paid jobs in the agricultural industry worldwide. The wages are also fixed rather than being based on them collecting a certain amount of cork, and they receive health care and other benefits as well.

These 6 reasons cork is the best material for placemats is very clear to understand.

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