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2 best horsehair brushes on amazon

What are the 2 best horsehair bench brushes on Amazon?

Hand brush
Old City Unltd.
Dustpan Bench Woodworking Brush 13 inches Made in USA
2 best horsehair bench brushes
Redecker Horsehair Hand Brush with Oiled Beechwood Handle, 13-1/2-Inches

What are the 2 Best Horsehair Bench Brushes on Amazon?

What are the 2 best horsehair bench brushes on Amazon?  Comparatively,  the American brush company against the German brush company. You are the judge. 

Calling all brush junkies!!! Likewise, when you purchase a horsehair bench brush, you will get the thrill of seeing these bristled beauties with shapely wood handles come alive in your hand.

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The American Company-Old City Unltd.

Old City Unltd.-Horsehair Bench Woodworking Brush 13 inches Made in USA. 
This shop brush has UNDYED natural horsehair bristles. In addition, this horsehair bench brush was too soft, so we added 10% fiber, making it a stronger brush.


  • Undeniably, fine workmanship. It screams handmade the minute you open the box and hold this brush. If you are a fan of handmade products you will love this brush.
  • Also, the bristle quality is excellent. This counter brush will surely turn even the most routine of undertakings into an extraordinary experience. Evidently, with no two alike you will have a masterpiece in your hand.
  • Unquestionably, the wood is as beautiful as I have ever seen on any brush. Also, it looks like a work of art. We either use Birch or Catalpa wood depending on availability. You will love looking at it hanging on a hook in your laundry room.  However, I could never find a dustpan to match the quality of this brush. Believe me, I have tried for 3 years. Please buy a metal dustpan to go with this brush. A plastic dustpan would be a dishonor to the brush.
  • Lastly, the leather hanging strap is of high quality.


  • However, some say the handle is too thick if you have a small hand. Whereas, I think it is actually a plus. It gives it a strong powerful feel. 

At this point, you will start to understand why there are only two shop brushes in this class. What are the 2 best horsehair bench brushes on Amazon? Keep reading.

The German Company-Bürstenhaus Redecker

 Redecker Horsehair Hand Brush with oiled Beechwood Handle 13-1/2 inches. Pros

  • Likewise, this horsehair bench brush has fine workmanship which is to be expected from a German company.
  • Similarly, this shop brush has a very generous brush area. Very dense natural horsehair, extremely thick. Excellent bristle quality.
  •  Also, the handle is made from all-natural oiled beechwood. The wood is finished nicely but it is beechwood which is an ordinary wood and does not give it a craftsmanship feel.
  • Moreover, the leather hanging strap is strong.
  • Redecker sells very high-quality dustpans to match their brush.


Finally, when holding the dustpan brush it feels top heavy. The handle should be thicker for the bristle density.

What makes a great bench brush?

After comparing the 2 best horsehair brushes on Amazon you should be able to clearly see what makes a great brush.

In addition, the softness of horsehair guarantees that any surface brushed with these brushes doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

Clearly, everyone who has a workbench has given thought to the kind of brush they use.  Using the right workbench brush for your woodworking and your cleanup needs can make a difference in the appearance of your shop. Almost any brush will clean up but only an extraordinary brush makes the task enjoyable. Hence, this is why this comparison of the 2 best horsehair bench brushes on Amazon was written. 

How do you clean a horsehair bench brush?

  • KEEPING IT CLEAN COULD NOT BE EASIER: Always hang it so bristles do not lose shape. Use a dog comb now and then to brush out the bristles. If needed wash the bristles with soap and water. Shake hard outside. Hang to dry.
  • Every once in a while you could add another coat of linseed oil.
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Please write me with your thoughts on the 2 best horsehair brushes on Amazon.

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