How to clean a clothes brush

Our natural clothes brush or dustpan brush is  easy to keep clean. Natural bristles and a good hardwood handle should last a lifetime. Just like a hairbrush, run a comb through it now and then when they need it.

I love to use a metal dog comb to clean the bristles. The metal dog comb provides strength to reach deep into the bristles.

Wash with a little soap and water if the brush gets real dirty. Shake it outside to get all the water out and dry well. Water and wood do not do well together.

For the wood, rubbing linseed oil or mineral oil once a year will keep the wood looking new. The brushes should be hung by the leather rope to keep the bristles in perfect shape.

Remember our goal is for your brushes to be as beautiful as everything else in your home. A little care will keep them in perfect shape for generations.