How to clean a clothes brush

How to clean a clothes brush is easy to keep clean.  Certainly, a garment brush with natural bristles and a good hardwood handle should last a lifetime. Just like a hairbrush, run a comb through it now and then when they need it.

I love to use a metal dog comb to clean the bristles. Specifically, the metal dog comb provides strength to reach deep into the bristles. All you have to do is slowly slide the pins across your brush. 

Remember, our goal is for your brushes to be as beautiful as everything else in your home.

Additionally, a little care will keep them in perfect shape for generations.

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How to Wash Your Garment Brush

Particularly, it is important to keep your clothes brush clean in order to avoid bacteria and other nasty things from building up on them.

Basically, a clothes brush of any kind is a breeding ground for so much stuff. By regularly cleaning your brush you have the ability to extend the life of the brush. 

  • First, to clean a boar bristle brush, you need to remove gunk caught between the bristles.
  • Can I use apple cider vinegar to clean my boar hair brushes?  Absolutely, you may you may use apple cider vinegar to clean your boar brushes. Basically, combine two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of dish soap for best results.

Secondly, wash with a little soap and water if the brush gets real dirty. Shake it outside to get all the water out and dry well. Water and wood do not do well together.


Lastly, for the wood, rubbing linseed oil or mineral oil once a year will keep the wood looking new. The brushes should be hung by the leather rope to keep the bristles in perfect shape.

If the brush is extra dirty soak the brush for a minute because wood and water don’t work

In a bowl or sink, add some shampoo. I think when you use the shampoo you use on yourself it will be gentle enough. Add to warm water, and swish until you have a sudsy solution.  Follow up with drying instructions above.
How to clean a clothes brush