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Best Clothes Brush-Will save you trips to the dry cleaner

best suit brush

Best Clothes Brush-will save you trips to the dry cleaner

Five reasons to buy our lint brush for clothes

Best clothes brush-will save you trips to the dry cleaner. We are here to explain.

Our brush is the best clothes and garment brush because it starts with the manufacturing process. This company has been making brushes for almost 100 years in the United States.

Clothes brushes may look alike but the materials used to make them are not.

This is an amazing article on comparing the best suit brushes on Amazon. We bought the American, German, and British clothes brush for a true analysis. 


What makes a well-built natural bristle brush last a lifetime?

  1. WE CHECK OUR BRUSHES IN OUR WORKSHOP IN PHILADELPHIA BEFORE IT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Our boar bristles are tight and will not come out for generations. This is one reason this is the best clothes and garment brush on the market today.

2. We hand sand each garment brush and apply two coats of linseed oil so the finish feels good in your hand.

3. We are proud to say that each clothes brush is made from natural materials that are sourced ethically. 

4. The bristles are 100% high-quality natural boar hair. This is the most important part because I had a really hard time finding the perfect quality boars bristles. 

5. Moreover, the wood is high-quality American Beech. It is a renewable wood with variations ranging from dark to light.

If you love wood and natural materials you will understand why this is the best clothes and garment brush the second you unwrap this brush.  

How do you keep your clothes brush clean?

Clean the brush easily by running a fine toothcomb through it now and then. If it gets dirty from cleaning dry mud off your boots, wash it in warm water with shampoo and air dry. Remember, shake it out and dry the wood with a towel. Consequently, water and wood do not mix.  The next day it will be new again. You might want to read How to Clean a clothes brush


I have found that cat hair is the hardest to remove. I have tried wetting the brush a bit before brushing. More tips are below.

Why Use a Natural Bristle Suit Brush?

Our clothes brush will save you trips to the dry cleaner

 After you see how well our natural bristle clothes brush lifts the nap on fabrics like suede and velvet you will want to use it regularly to keep your fabrics looking new. Most men use a clothes brush on wool suits. Once it is in your closet you will be brushing your jeans and all your clothes. You will see how it freshens things up.  We love it because it reduces the need to wash and dry clean your clothes as often. 

Remember to brush in the direction of the grain, and don’t chance a wire brush on fine fabrics. 


When cleaning and dusting around the house you will find so many uses for this brush.

I love it for cleaning my stairs and woodwork. The wool chairs and lampshades look new again. At work, it cleans my desk and cash register. In the car, I clean everything. Then all I have to do is a vacuum. It’s like my grandma’s whisk broom. Write me with all your ideas on how you used it and let me know if you think this is the best clothes and garment brush. 

For these reasons, this is the best clothes brush and will save you trips to the dry cleaner.

What is the correct way to use a garment brush

When maintaining your expensive wool clothing whether it is cashmere or a wool blazer brush the nap in the direction of the grain. Only go against the nap when you need to remove all the dust that is trapped inside it. Then brush down the nap for a smooth finish.

If you want to brush out a mark, brush it with short, quick strokes, but never jab at the cloth or you are likely to break the fiber.

The first rule of thumb when using a clothes brush is to stroke, not scrub. It should only take a minute before putting your wool, tweed, or cashmere away.

Every now and then pop up your jacket collar to brush underneath in the same downward motion.

Using this suit brush regularly will save you trips to the dry cleaner and will help preserve your clothing.

Investment pieces are often purchased with the good intention of wearing them for years and years.

Brush your suit after every wear with a soft boar’s hair brush.

Brushing after each wear will extend the life of your garment. The best clothes brush will save you trips to the cleaners.

The goal should be to only send your fine fabrics to the cleaners once a season.



How Often Should I Brush My Clothes?

Best clothes brush-will save you trips to the dry cleaner

In short, before you put your wool clothing back in the closet. In addition, always before the end of the winter season.
If your clothes are very dusty they will need two brushings. First, use the brush dry, and then with the brush wet.
Always brush in the same direction. In addition to brushing, spraying some anti-static on the natural fabric helps the pet hair from sticking in the first place.
If there is no anti-static spray available, rub the surface of the fabric with a dryer sheet.
 If you can not get pet hair off of your wool wet the clothes brush and then try brushing.
Another tip would be to put it in the dryer with no heat. Spray water lightly and set your dryer on whatever cycle is indicative of using NO or LOW HEAT.
 Let it tumble for a bit with a dryer sheet or if you have a tennis ball put that in as well for five or ten minutes to remove all the hair.
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Our Clothes brush is as much a display item as it is a functional tool.

Best clothes brush-will save you trips to the dry cleaner.