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Let’s Analyze the 3 Best Suit Brushes on Amazon

Let's analyze the 3 Best Suit Brushes on Amazon

Let’s analyze the 3 best suit brushes on Amazon. The scope of my article is centered on three brush companies that prioritize sustainable materials and have made their products available on Amazon. Equally important, I find these brush companies demonstrate a commitment to ethical sourcing by working closely with their suppliers to maintain environmentally responsible practices. As a result, we will be focusing on the best suit brush from Germany, Britain, and America for this article. While Andrée Jardin and Iris Hantverk are also great brush companies, sadly, we won’t be able to consider them for this article as they are not available on Amazon.

What is the best suit brush on Amazon?

What do these 3 Suit brushes have in common

Most importantly, these brush companies have one crucial feature in common: human hands complete the finishing touches and inspections for every brush. While machines may have a role in cutting the wood and stapling the boar’s hair, a human meticulously examines each brush. This aspect is undeniable of utmost significance, as it sets hand-crafted brushes apart from their machine-made counterparts. As a result, it becomes evident that a clothes brush cannot attain genuine beauty if it is solely produced by machines on an assembly line

These 3 clothes brushes have the same quality boars bristles.

Let's Analyze the 3 Best Suit Brushes on Amazon.

Let's analyze the best 3 suit brush on Amazon

When comparing these brushes, one can clearly see a notable distinction in the amount of boar hair used. Boar bristles come in three different cuts, with the first cut being the most significant due to its superior health and strength. However, it is important to note that the first cut is relatively expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting that all the brushes mentioned in this analysis utilize the first cut, as it is simply the best choice. Now, let’s proceed with analyzing the top 3 suit brushes available on Amazon.

  1. Old City Unltd. American
  2. Bürstenhaus Redecker, German
  3.  Kent, British 

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Old City Unltd. The American Brush

# 1 Suit Brush on Amazon

Old City Unltd. the only American brush company on Amazon.

This suit brush is the number 1 pick.

  • The highest star rating on Amazon
  • It measures 10 inches in size and weighs 5.44 oz, which contributes to its substantial feel in your hand.
  • Furthermore, this clothes brush stands out as the only one with an ergonomic shape for comfort. 
  • It is made of 100% high-quality boars hair and features beech wood coated with two layers of lint seed oil.
  • Additionally, it contains a leather lanyard.
  • Only clothing brush that is made in the USA on Amazon. 
  • Consequently, this suit brush is ideal for wool suits and equally effective on cashmere and wool hats. 
  •  Moreover, the packaging is attractive enough to be gifted
  • Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this suit brush comes with a lifetime warranty, making it an excellent investment. 

Price  $27.98 

One of the oldest brush companies in the USA partnered with Old City Unltd. to design 3 brushes. I, a 65-year-old retired person, along with my helpers, personally work on every brush. It is truly remarkable that in America, a retired woman could start a brush business with just 3 brushes and successfully compete with the two largest brush companies in the world. Currently, the sales of my clothes brush and Kent’s cloth brush are in a neck-and-neck competition, thanks to the immense power of Amazon.

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Bürstenhaus Redecker's suit brushes.

Furthermore, I have chosen not to include this brush in my list of the top 3 suit brushes. Instead, I am showcasing it as a unique and practical heavy-duty fabric brush. What makes this brush stand out is the incorporation of copper wire into the boar’s hair, making it the sole robust garment brush in its category. It outperforms other fabric brushes in effectively eliminating pilling. Nevertheless, it is crucial to exercise caution when using it on delicate wools.

  1. With a size of 10-3/8 inches and weighing 3.84 oz, it offers a handle that exudes a feminine touch.
  2. The bristles are made of boar hair and bronze wire. Pearwood is used in its construction and this clothes brush is hand-oiled, resulting in a beautifully crafted clothes brush.
  3. It also comes with a leather lanyard for added convenience.
  4. The Pearwood is hand-oiled which makes this clothes brush beautiful.
  5. Leather lanyard
  6. Although the packaging may be subpar, it is worth noting that the Germans prioritize quality over packaging.

Price 44.99

# 2 Suit Brush on Amazon

Redecker the German Company

I consider this brush to be the second-best choice for the best suit brush on Amazon. The two brushes are practically identical, with the only noticeable difference being the application of white dye to the boar’s hair along the edges. Although it is marketed as a cashmere brush, upon closer examination, I discovered no actual variation in the bristles except for the dye, which does enhance its visual appeal.

  • The oiled pearwood handle, combined with 100% high-quality boar hair, makes this brush stand out.
  •  With a size of 10 1/2 inches and weighing 3.84 oz, it offers a handle that exudes a feminine touch. It would be an excellent choice as a ladies’ clothes brush.
  • However, it is worth noting that the packaging may be lacking, but once again, the Germans prioritize quality over packaging.

Price 40.00

#3 Suit Brush on Amazon

The British Brush Company - Kent

At present, I only find the small travel size available on Amazon for this brush, although it does come in two sizes.

  • Despite my personal distain for polyurethane, the cherry wood used for the handle is undeniably beautiful.
  • In as much as the bristles are made of 100% boar hair, they are not as dense as the ones found in the other brushes, which led me to perceive a weakness in bristle quality.
  • Despite its small size, weighing merely 2.4 oz, it holds the title for being the lightest and smallest among the three suit brushes.
  • With dimensions of 6 x 2 x 1, the suit brush is extremely compact, which makes it highly suitable for travel purposes. 
  • Additionally, on the positive side, the packaging exhibits good quality.

Kent is the most well-known brush company in the world. In fact, they actively offer customers an extensive range of high-quality combs and brushes across various types. Moreover, Kent has introduced other clothes brushes that belong to a distinct class due to their relatively high price tags. Despite this, I have not personally acquired or tested these brushes, which prevents me from providing any commentary on their value. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that these brushes would exude a higher-end appearance.

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How does the quality of bristles impact the effectiveness of a suit brush?

The quality of bristles has a significant impact on the effectiveness of a suit brush. Higher-quality bristles are generally more durable, resilient, and effective at removing dust, lint, and other particles from the surface of a suit. China, in fact, is the origin of some of the highest-quality boar hair. Also, skilled harvesters carefully collect this hair from a specific breed of wild boar known for its remarkable strength and flexibility. These wild boars inhabit the northern regions of China, where the harsh climate and rugged terrain actively contribute to the production of exceptionally resilient and durable hair.

Where does the boar's hair come from? Which countries harvest boars' hair?

Boar bristle is sourced from various countries worldwide. In as much as these brush companies did not disclose the origin of their boar hair, it can be inferred that all 3 clothes brush companies sourced from China.

  1. China: China is one of the largest producers of boar’s hair. The hair is harvested from a specific breed of wild boar found in the northern regions of the country.

  2. South America: Boar’s hair is also harvested in South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. The hair is usually obtained as a byproduct of the meat industry.

  3. Europe: Boar’s hair is also harvested in some European countries such as Germany, France, and Spain. The quality of the hair can vary depending on the breed of boar and the region where it was raised.

  4. United States: While the United States does not have a large-scale boar’s hair industry, some domesticated boars are raised for their hair, which is used in products such as brushes.

  5. Other countries: Boar’s hair is also harvested in other countries, including Mexico, India, and Japan.


How to tell if your clothes brush is genuine Boar's hair.

To determine if the bristles are boar and not synthetic, you can perform the following test: pluck out a bristle using tweezers, as they work best for this purpose, and burn it. If it fizzles up and emits a burning hair smell, it indicates that the bristle is genuine boar. On the other hand, if it melts and emits a burning plastic smell, it signifies that the bristle is synthetic.

What is the main use of a suit brush

A clothes brush actively removes dust, lint, and other particles from the surface of clothing, maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of garments. It brushes away surface debris, effectively preserving the freshness and neatness of clothes. Fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and tweed, which have a tendency to attract and retain particles, benefit greatly from clothes brushes. Regular use of a clothes brush keeps clothing looking fresh and well-groomed, extending its lifespan and minimizing the necessity for frequent washing or dry cleaning.

What are the key features to look for when choosing a suit brush?

  1. Bristle Quality: Firstly, look for a brush with high-quality bristles made of natural materials like boar bristles.
  2.  Bristle Density: Additionally, opt for a brush with densely packed bristles. This ensures better coverage and enhances the brush’s ability to efficiently remove dust, lint, and particles from the suit’s surface.
  3.  Handle Design: Moreover, consider a brush with a comfortable grip that provides ease and precision during brushing.
  4. Size and Shape: Furthermore, choose a suit brush that is appropriately sized for your hand and suits. A well-fitted brush will make the brushing process more convenient.
  5.  Durability: Additionally, check for a brush with sturdy construction and materials that will withstand regular use over time

 Furthermore, reading reviews or seeking recommendations can provide insights into its cleaning performance.

Let's Analyze the 3 Best Suit Brushes on Amazon

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Let's analyze the 3 best suit brushes on Amazon. Don't hesitate to write me with your thoughts on this subject. I love this stuff.

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