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Let's analyze the 3 best suit brushes on Amazon

Why Every Closet Needs a Clothes Brush?

Let's talk about why every closet needs a clothes brush?

Why every closet needs a clothes brush?  One Answer: It extends the life of your clothes. Indeed, every closet needs a clothes brush because clothes get dusty. A quick brushing with our clothes brush will make your clothes and shoes look clean in minutes. Subsequently, a clothes brush or garment brush is an essential tool. Especially, when you see it hanging up in your closet you will not believe how often you will use it. This is the best article to read for a comparison of the best clothes brushes.https://www.oldcityunltd.com/lets-analysis-the-3-best-suit-brushes-on-amazon/

How often should I use a clothes brush?

Brushing after each wear will extend the life of your garment. Always, brush your suit after every wear with a soft boars brush.

Using this suit brush regularly will save you trips to the dry cleaner and will help preserve your clothing. Investment pieces are often purchased with the good intentions of wearing them for years and years. The goal should be to only send your fine fabrics to the cleaners once a season.

http://Men’s Style Tips – How To Care For Your Suit – Brush Regularly


How to use a clothes brush?

Additionally, even though you do not see tiny bits of dust and debris they are there. The first rule of thumb when using a clothes brush is to stroke, not scrub. Basically, it should only take a minute of brushing before putting your wool, tweed, or cashmere away.  Every now and then pop up your jacket collar to brush underneath in the same downward motion. Always brush in the same direction or it will be noticeable when light shines on the fabric.

Certainly, if your clothes are very dusty they will need two brushings. First, use the brush dry, and then with the brush wet. Always brush in the same direction.

How to get pet hair off of your clothes? Quick clean up tips.

Additionally, wet the suit brush if you can not remove pet hair. Another tip would be to put it in the dryer with no heat. Spray water lightly and set your dryer on whatever cycle is indicative of using NO or LOW HEAT. Finally, let it tumble for a bit with a dryer sheet or if you have a tennis ball put that in as well for five or ten minutes to remove all the hair.


 Another tip is spraying some anti-static on the natural fabric. Furthermore, if there is no anti-static spray available, rub the surface of the fabric with a dryer sheet.  Consequently, the lint brush was tested many times on many fine fabrics and wool. Be careful with synthetic and wire brushes. They may be hard and scratch your clothes. Taking extra care of fine wools will reward you for years to come. These are some of the reasons every closet needs a clothes brush.



How to get a stain out of wool?

Wool, Suede, and Cashmere are the hardest fabrics to keep clean: These tips do not work for suede. Water will stain suede. Read this if you want to clean suede How to clean suede naturally, no chemicals

1. Treat any wool stain quickly by blotting off moisture. Then dab it with water. If the stain does not come out I have found hydrogen peroxide works wonders. Surprisingly, it does not lift the color. Check first on a spot that is not noticeable.


2. White Vinegar works also if you do not have hydrogen peroxide at home. Follow with cold water. 


How do you remove wrinkles from wool?

The first choice is a steamer. If you do not have one remove wrinkles from wool by spraying water on it and/or hang in a steamy bathroom after a shower. Try stretching with your hands and brush well with a clothes brush. It’s usually good by morning.

Use a good garment brush every time you wear wool or any natural fabric. To take care of your highest quality coats and suits, you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to a clothes brush. Beyond natural bristles, choose a brush with a wooden handle. It’s nearly impossible to compete with the craftsmanship of Old City brushes.  Quality brushes that are treated with care can last for generations.

How do you iron wool?

First, turn the garment inside out. Use a steam iron. When ironing, use a pressing cloth to prevent shiny marks and scorching on the wool. This piece of fabric is used as a protective shield between the face of the iron and the item you’re ironing. Any piece of cotton will do.

Put the iron’s setting on “wool.” or 300 degrees, steam. Make sure that you have water in the steam iron well.

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Why every closet needs a clothes brush?

If you get the best clothes brush you can find it will work a lot better on your clothes than a roller.Not only that, the lint roller tape has to be replaced often. A garment brush can be cleaned and reused for generations.

Also, when using roller tape on wool it leaves a residue that attracts lint even more..

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