Best Bench Brush-Quality in Design and Craftsmanship

Best Bench Brush-Quality in design and craftsmanship


Best Bench Brush-Quality in Design and Craftsmanship


Best bench brush-quality in design and craftsmanship sets this brush apart from all others. In Philadelphia we hand finish each horsehair brush. We added UNDYED natural horsehair bristles for strength and durability. Furthermore, to achieve a perfect dustpan brush, we tested many combinations of  horsehair, this was the winner.

  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS ARE A FAR BETTER INVESTMENT: The last 10 years were a throwaway society, we  manufactured a brush that would last generations. Solid  birch wood, natural fibers, leather tie was our idea of a durable brush.
  •  “Cleaning tools should be as beautiful as everything else in your home.”

It was designed by a top architect in our  workshop and  we worked on dozens of counter brushes before we decided to focus on this one.

This contemporary shop brush is so attractive. You will  enjoy looking at it hanging on a hook. Cleaning your home just got a bit more satisfying.

This counter brush is strong because of bristle balance.

My best article that compares our brush with the 2nd best brush on Amazon the German brush company. What are the 2 best horsehair bench brushes on Amazon?

Best Bench Brush-Quality in Design and Craftsmanship

Best Bench Brush

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What Makes our Work Bench Brush Stand Out From The Others?

Wooden cleaning brushes are under-appreciated. Consequently this dustpan brush makes a statement.  Design, quality and function are key. Evermore my goal was to make a bench brush like the Shakers. They manufactured them in the 1800’s. This brush is crafted from American Beech Wood with horse hair.  Use for fine or heavy sweeping.

Moreover, the counter brush is large, featuring a 13″  long handle and a thick leather tie.

The way the bristles fan out, you will be able to get your corners better.

Also, this woodworking bench brush  is scratch free. The 13 inch span and its thick wood  adds ruggedness to any job. Nevertheless when using sustainable materials they should feel good in your hand.  You might not mind when you knock over a potted plant and need to sweep things up.

How do you clean a bench brush?

KEEPING IT CLEAN COULD NOT BE EASIER: Hang the brush  so the bristles do not loss shape. Use a metal dog comb now and then to brush out the debri from the bristles. If needed, wash the bristles with soap and water. Shake the brush hard outside to remove all the water. Lay it flat on a towel to dry.

What is a bench brush use for?

Finally, this woodshop brush should be used as a furniture brush, counter, drafting or patio brush. It works wonderful with a metal dustpan. It is great for cleaning coffee grinds. Evidently this is a great gift for a woodworker or gardener. It is handy for cat litter and fireplace cleanup. It is one beautiful workbench brush at an affordable price.

When you make a mess you need a big strong dustpan brush. Our bench brush certainly will do the job for all your woodworking needs. 

You will enjoy knowing what tool you need to clean this bench brush.

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This Bench Brush Will Perform and It Will Last

Best bench brush- Quality in design and craftsmanship