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Shop sustainable products because we are a business that truly cares about the environment. 

How to tell if a brand is actually sustainable

Ethical: This means paying your workers fairly and treating them well throughout the supply chain. I believe if you pay a little more everyone is happy.

Sustainable: This means minimizing environmental impact, through production and sourcing of materials. I am always asking about this. Once 2000 boxes were printed backwards and I told them we would use them because I did not want them going in a dump. Shop sustainable products

We want you to know it has never been easier to live more sustainable. Zero waste is hard but it is always a goal. Shopping for eco-friendly products is a start in the right direction. We strive to reduce excess packaging waste, offset emissions, and support good causes. Shop sustainable products.

Let’s try to save the planet in our own little way. Shop sustainable products!

Living a Sustainable Life

There are so many simple ways to make your life more sustainable, and the best part is that they are frugal as well!

Sustainable living starts with makings small daily changes and habits.

There are so many and you could do more research. I am going to tell you what I do.

  1. I try not to  use plastic water bottles. I have got in the habit of always carrying a glass water bottle with me.
  2. I make alot of my own cleaners. This is harder so it’s not for everyone.


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