The best way to fold clothes.

Save precious drawer and closet space with these tricks. MARIE KONDO’S FOLDING TECHNIQUE Is the best in the world. Follow these tips to fold your clothes and you will love opening your draws and closets


You will want to think about the amount of space you have (and how much clothing you are keeping) and decide what to hang and what to fold. You’ll be amazed at how little space clothing takes up once it’s folded the KonMari way!

There are a few basic principles behind the Marie Kondo Folding Method, but those principles gives you a crazy amount of benefits! Store Vertically When we fold our clothes and stack them in a pile on top of it another, it can be very difficult to get to an item at the bottom of the pile. By folding and storing clothing vertically, it will stay more organized, you can see what you have and it is easier to retrieve the item you want to wear. As a bonus, items folded like this also have fewer wrinkles! Win! Fold In Thirds Below I give you instructions on how to fold common items, like t-shirts, pants, and underwear. Basically you want to start by folding the item into some sort of rectangle. Fold in any straps or places where the item is irregular. Once you have it in a rectangular shape, you are then going to fold it into thirds. Fold one end in, and then the other. That’s it! Confused? Don’t worry. Watch the video below to see how common items are folded and you will get the idea. Respecting Your Clothes In today’s world, we are very consumption-driven. FOLDING CLOTHES THE KONMARI WAY So here it is! The basic instructions on how to fold your clothes the KonMari way! How to Fold T-Shirts

  • Lay your shirt on a flat surface with the front side facing down

  • Fold one side into the center

  • Fold back the sleeve

  • Fold the other side into the center

  • Fold back the other sleeve

  • Take the bottom edge, and fold up to the neckline (about an inch below the neckline).

  • You now have a rectangle!

  • Fold that rectangle into thirds and you will have a neat parcel that will stand upright.

How to Fold Long-Sleeved Shirts

  • Lay your shirt on a flat surface with the front side facing down

  • Fold one side into the center

  • Fold the sleeve over and down

  • Fold the other side into the center

  • Fold the other sleeve over and down

  • Take the bottom edge, and fold up to the neck line (about an inch below the neck line).

  • You now have a rectangle

  • Fold into thirds

How to Fold Pants

  • Lay pants on a flat surface, front side up.

  • Fold the right leg over the left one

  • Fold in the crotch if it sticks out

  • Take the bottom hem of the pant legs and fold up to the waist of the pants (folding them in half)

  • You now have a rectangle!

  • Fold into thirds

How to Fold Socks

  • Lay the socks on a flat surface on top of each other

  • Fold the toe end towards the top end of the socks

  • Fold into thirds

How to Fold Underwear

  • Lay the underwear on a flat surface with the front side facing up

  • Fold the crotch up to the waist

  • Fold in the sides

  • Fold into thirds What’s so special about KonMari Folding?

  • Well, to put it briefly… it’s awesome! It will help you keep your clothes more organized, you will be able to see exactly what you have, it will save time when trying to find something to wear and it takes up less space than traditional folding. Doesn’t all that folding crease my clothes? It’s quite the opposite in fact. The more you fold the clothes, the less wrinkled they will be… yes, it sounds strange, but it’s true!

Should you hang your jeans or fold them?
Jeans should be folded up, while casual dress pants and slacks benefit from being hung up. You can use hangers with clips, or take your pants, fold them in half, and put them over the bar on the hanger. This is a great way to hang pants if you don't have a lot of vertical space in your closet. 
Denim is are the easiest of pants to fold since they are usually on the thicker side and will hold their shape. Some prefer to hang them. If so, I would say folding them over the hanger is best .Denim is a heavy-duty fabric so it doesn't matter whether jeans are hung or folded or stored in a drawer.
  • When folding your jeans to place inside a suitcase or luggage, consider using the rolling method. This involves rolling your jeans into a cylindrical shape rather than actually folding the legs.